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In July 1983, Kerber recorded their debut LP Nebo je malo za sve (The Sky Is not Big Enough for All), mixed in Strawberry studio in Manchester, with Nightwing's bass guitarist Gordon Rowley as the producer. In December 1983, Kerber was an opening band on Uriah Heep, Ten Years After and Nightwing concerts in Yugoslavia. At about the same time, Kerber's Nebo je malo za sve was released, bringing hits "Mezimac", "Nebo je malo za sve" and "Heroji od staniola" ("Foil Heroes"). The album was released by ZKP RTLJ and immediately became successful, with 10,000 copies sold during the first week. In January 1984, during the tour through Macedonia, first Zikić, and then Stamenković contracted infectious hepatitis, so in March, during the Kerber's performance at the music festival in Opatija, Stamenković was temporarily replaced by Generacija 5 drummer Boban Đorđević and Madić briefly re-entered the bass player's post for this occasion. Despite the good performance, Kerber did not fit well in the pop format of the Opatija festival with their hard rock sound. After returning to Kerber, Žikić continued with his on-stage performance. On May 19, 1984, during the band's open-air concert in Novi Sad, he got second-degree burns while attempting to breathe fire under windy conditions. He continued the concert despite doctor's advice, and later on continued the tour with bandages on his face. After this accident other members forbade Žikić to continue performing the fire-breathing act. In June 1984, Kerber was an opening act for Nightwing concerts in Yugoslavia. In August drummer Zoran Stamenković returned to the band for the summer performances in Greece.