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Gibson's and The Whole Pantry's statements regarding the benefits of exercise, healthy eating and a positive mindset were uncontroversial, being widely acknowledged as conducive to holistic well being. However, on her now deleted "OnlyBelle" Instagram account and in other social media, Gibson also promoted more controversial or potentially dangerous alternative medical practices, including Gerson therapy, anti-vaccination, and the consumption of non-pasteurised raw milk. The highly controversial Gerson treatment had been similarly promoted by another Australian wellness blogger, Jessica Ainscough, whose funeral Gibson attended when Ainscough succumbed to her cancer at age 29 in late February 2015. With approximately 97% of the population under seven years of age immunised, Australian Government vaccination policy heavily penalises parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, by denying access to significant welfare and other benefits, worth approximately $11,700 per annum. The sale of raw milk for human consumption is illegal in Australia and, in 2014 in Gibson's state of Victoria, one three-year-old died and another four children under the age of five became seriously ill after consuming non-pasteurised raw milk.