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The pair quickly realize that neither of them knows the address of Nick's party. Molly calls Jared, a wealthy classmate who likes her. He brings them to his unattended party on a yacht, where they encounter his drug-crazed friend, Gigi. Amy suggests that they go home, having fulfilled their plan to party before graduation, but Molly calls a "Malala" (their code for unconditionally doing what the other wants to do), and Amy consents to continue with the night. The girls call a Lyft and are shocked to be picked up by their principal, Jordan Brown. After the girls accidentally play pornography through his car speakers, Brown drops them off at what they think is Nick's aunt's house. It turns out to be their classmate George's house, who's hosting a murder mystery party. They encounter Gigi again, who reveals that the strawberries they ate on the yacht were drugged. Amy and Molly soon experience a bad trip and hallucinate that they are George's sister's fashion dolls. They escape George's house and get the location of the party from a pizza delivery man. Amy accidentally leaves her phone in his car. Molly's phone is nearly dead, lasting just long enough to call their teacher, Miss Fine, who gives them a change of clothes and a ride to Nick's party.