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Vishwaroopam 2

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Easwar leaves the place angrily. Wizam and Ashmita scan the room for bugging device and eventually break it into pieces and asks Eashwar not to try anything with them. Wizam and Nirupama get into a romantic scene but they are interrupted by a call for meeting with Jagannath and Eashwar and an ISI agent. Wizam suspects Easwar's hand in the terrorist attack on them. Wizam, Ashmita, and Nirupama leave to scan a building along with an ISI agent in a place outside the city. Wizam and Easwar engage in a phone call during Wizam's visit to the building to search for bombs. Easwar insists Wizam to leave the building but Wizam disobeys. Wizam actually left the building but he pretends to have got trapped inside the building. Eashwar triggers the bomb from his cell phone and is quite happy that Wizam is killed. However, his acquaintance Munnavar informs that Wizam is alive and he escapes the scene. Wizam threatens Eashwar that he has revealed himself and he would hunt him down at any cost. Eashwar commits suicide by self-shooting.