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Following Serena William's claim of sexist behaviour by umpire Carlos Ramos at the 2018 U. S. Open women's final, the Herald Sun's cartoonist Mark Knight drew an illustration of the match which was described as sexist and racist. In the cartoon, Williams is shown to have smashed her racket whilst a baby's dummy lays on the floor. Knight's illustration has been compared by some, including the political cartoonist and Washington Post columnist Michael Cavna, to illustrations popular during the Jim Crow era in the United States. Additionally, Knight is also accused of having "whitewashed" William's opponent, Naomi Osaka, who is of Japanese descent. Following this, there was significant condemnation of both the Herald Sun and Knight for the use of this image by the author J. K. Rowling and Rev. Jesse Jackson amongst others. The Herald Sun defended its decision to publish the cartoon and two days after its initial publication, the cartoon was reprinted in part along with a series of other illustrations by Knight on its front page under the caption "WELCOME TO PC WORLD"