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Shortly before 12:53 a. m. on October 15, 2018, Jake Thomas Patterson parked his car at the end of the driveway of the Closs family residence in rural Barron, Wisconsin. Wearing a black coat and a ski mask, Patterson approached the front door of the home carrying a pump action shotgun. Before forcing his way in, Jake Patterson said, "open the fucking door. " James Closs, 56, shined a light on Patterson through a glass portion of the front door and asked him to show him his badge. Patterson fired once, fatally shooting Closs. Forcing his way into the house, Patterson checked every room in the house, he did this because he wanted "no witnesses left behind. " He soon found the bathroom door was locked and began shooting it down. Inside the bathroom was Denise Closs, 46, and her daughter Jayme, 13. Denise was comforting Jayme as she was crying loudly At 12:53 a. m. , Denise Closs made a 911 call. While she did not speak, the operator heard a disturbance and yelling before the phone call was disconnected. When the dispatcher called the number back, they reached the voicemail of Denise Closs. Patterson bound Jayme's wrists and ankles using duct tape, then fatally shot Denise Closs. He then dragged Jayme outside, almost slipping on blood. Patterson placed her in the trunk of his car, and started driving away. The police had arrived just four minutes after the 911 call. Patterson would later tell investigators that he had pulled over just 20 seconds down the road from the house while deputies sped by with emergency lights and sirens on. Neighbors said they had heard two gunshots but had dismissed them since hunting was common around their homes. If police arrived 20 seconds earlier, Patterson would have been apprehended at the Closs home.