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Dinosaurs are the game's main attractions. The game features approximately 40 dinosaur species at launch. Players need to build enclosures to contain dinosaurs for visitors' viewing. The needs of different dinosaurs, such as the type of food they eat and the extent of the social interactions they require, must be met to keep them healthy and satisfied. Dinosaurs, controlled by artificial intelligence, will interact with each other and with the environment. For instance, carnivores will attack other carnivores of a different species, and carnivores will hunt down herbivores. Players also need to construct various entertainment rides, as well as amenities such as restaurants and shops to please the guests. An example of tourist attraction is the Gyrosphere and the monorail from Jurassic World. Players can also use the game's photo mode to take pictures of dinosaurs, which also help the park to earn money and publicity. As the construction and expansion of the park, and the incubation of dinosaurs require a large sum of money, entertainment branch is the main source of the park's income. Each entertainment facilities and amenities come with their own management system, with players being able to set and adjust entry fees as well as the amount of staff present in each facility. Dinosaurs can also be sold to earn additional income.