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Keighley was disappointed with the change in tone that this show has presented. He opted to drop out from further involvement in the VGX, allowing Spike to retain ownership of the property; in November 2014, Spike TV announced that they had opted to drop the awards show in its entirety. Instead, Keighley worked with several entities within the industry, including console hardware manufacturers Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, and several large publishers, to financially back and craft a new awards show, the Game Awards, with Spike's permission. Keighley was able to secure space for hosting the live event. Without a broadcaster, Keighley and the other producers agreed to live stream the show on the consoles' networks and on Valve's Steam service to be able to reach a much larger audience than Spike TV previously had. Since then, Keighley has been able to secure multiple streaming services around the globe for the show, which has been a move appreciated by several of the Game Awards' partners since the show's inception. Keighley has been approached by broadcast networks offering to air the show, but he had refused these offers, allowing them to keep the freedom of how they present and structure the show. The 2019 show included a simulcast to select Cinemark movie theaters in the United States in partnership with Sony Pictures.