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Pell is the Catholic Church's most senior official to be convicted of child sexual abuse. In June 2017, Pell was charged in Victoria with multiple historical sexual assault offences; he denied all charges. The most serious charges were struck out for "fundamental defects in evidence" and credibility issues over witnesses, but Pell was committed to stand trial on other charges, pleading not guilty. On 11 December 2018 Pell was found guilty on five charges related to sexual assault of two boys in the 1990s. On 13 March 2019 Pell was sentenced to six years in prison. Pell's first trial and conviction had initially been subject to a suppression order issued by Judge Peter Kidd, suppressing coverage of the conviction by Australian media companies, and lifted on 26 February 2019 after pending charges in a second trial were dropped. International media reported on the conviction immediately, commenting on the difficulty confirming details of the trial and conviction due to the suppression order.