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The team deduces that Lane and Walker plan to detonate the two remaining nuclear weapons over the Siachen Glacier, contaminating the water supply of Pakistan, India, and China; with a third of its population affected, the world will descend into anarchy from which Lane and Walker hope a new world order will emerge. Upon arrival in Kashmir, Hunt discovers Julia and her new husband are assigned to the medical camp, an arrangement made by Walker to increase the pressure on Hunt. Lane activates a countdown on the nuclear weapons and gives the detonator to Walker who leaves in a helicopter, with Hunt in pursuit by commandeering another helicopter. Dunn, Stickell, and Faust stay behind to find the weapons on their own. Stickell finds the first bomb and works to understand its mechanism, but even with Julia volunteering her help they are unable to defuse it without the detonator. Faust and Dunn split up to find the second weapon, when Faust locates it in the basement of a nearby home. Faust tries to signal Benji, but is knocked unconscious by Lane. Captured, Faust is unable to warn Benji of Lane, but manages to break free and subdue Lane. After a lengthy chase, Hunt uses his helicopter to ram Walker's aircraft out of the sky. The ensuing collision leaves Hunt and Walker atop the wreckage of Walker's helicopter hanging by a hook attached to the helicopter on the edge of the cliff. They both get into a fight before Hunt gains the upper hand and drops the helicopter's hook on Walker, killing him in the process. Hunt climbs to safety and secures the detonator in time, allowing Stickell, Faust, and Dunn to deactivate the bombs.