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November 1 was a public holiday, and the Italians living in the house were away. It is believed that after watching a movie at some friends' house, Kercher returned home around 9 pm that evening and was alone in the house. Just after midday on November 2, Knox called Kercher's English phone. But though Kercher kept the phone in her jeans and could always be reached on it, the call was not answered. Knox then called Filomena Romanelli, one of the two Italian trainee lawyers she and Kercher shared the apartment with, and in a mixture of Italian and English said she was worried something had happened to Kercher, as on going to Via della Pergola 7 apartment earlier that morning Knox had noticed an open front door, bloodstains (including a footprint) in the bathroom, and Kercher's bedroom door locked. Knox and Sollecito then went to Via della Pergola 7, and on getting no answer from Kercher unsuccessfully tried to break in the bedroom door, leaving it noticeably damaged. At 12:47 pm, Knox called her mother and was told to contact the police as an emergency.