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Fury's younger brother Tommy Fury made his professional debut on 22 December 2018 with trainer and two-weight world champion Ricky Hatton. He is the older cousin of professional heavyweight Hughie Fury. He is also a distant relative of "self-styled King of the Gypsies" Bartley Gorman, hence Fury's own self-styled nickname, 'Gypsy King'. He has also styled himself as 'The Furious One' and '2 Fast' Fury. He is also the distant cousin of professional Nathan Gorman who is also trained by two-weight world champion Ricky Hatton alongside his younger brother Tommy Fury. Despite strongly identifying with his Irish heritage, Fury has had problems in gaining dual citizenship because, in the 1960s, his father's birth in County Galway was not recorded civilly, as Irish Travellers at the time only recorded births through baptism with the Church, rather than officially with the state. Fury's mother is a Burton and he is the cousin of professional boxer Hosea Burton.