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As with other hero shooters, players select from one of about ten pre-made Legends, each which has unique appearances and sets of passive and activated abilities with cooldown timers, along with an ultimate ability that requires charging up over the period of the match. Players are grouped into teams of three, with each player selecting a unique Legend in turn, and each match features up to twenty teams competing for a total of sixty competitors. All teams start with no equipment aside from a melee attack and their Legend's abilities and are flown over the game's map via a dropship which flies in a straight line from a random position on the edge of the map to cross to another position on the opposite side. Each team is assigned a "Jump Master" who decides when the team will exit the craft and guide them onto any spot on the map that they can reach. The map contains a variety of locations on the map include military bunkers, watchtowers, and depots, squalid slums and prefabricated housing, industrial facilities such as a water treatment plant, or the wandering supply ships which contain high-tier loot.