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Malcolm Bligh Turnbull was born in Sydney, New South Wales on 24 October 1954, the only child of Bruce Bligh Turnbull and Coral Magnolia Lansbury. His father was a hotel broker, while his mother was a radio actor, writer, and academic, and a second cousin of the British film and television actress Angela Lansbury. His maternal grandmother, May Lansbury (née Morle), was born in England, while his other grandparents were Australian-born. He is also of Scottish descent; his great-great-great grandfather John Turnbull (1751–1834) arrived on the Coromandel in 1802 in New South Wales and became a tailor. In an interview in 2015, Turnbull said that his middle name "Bligh" has been a family tradition for generations, originally given in honour of Governor William Bligh. Turnbull's parents married in December 1955, fourteen months after his birth. They separated when he was nine, with his mother leaving first for New Zealand and then the United States. Turnbull was from then raised solely by his father. Turnbull suffered from asthma as a young child.