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Preliminary results from the 2017 general election indicated that the party got a more modest 35. 79% of the vote to National's 46. 03%. Labour gained 14 seats, increasing its parliamentary representation to 45 seats. This is still the best result for Labour since losing power in 2008. Following the elections, Ardern and Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis entered into negotiations with the Greens and New Zealand First parties to explore forming a coalition since the rival National Party lacked sufficient seats to govern alone. Under the country's mixed-member proportional (MMP) voting system, New Zealand First held the balance of power, and was, therefore, able to choose the party that would lead a coalition government. Following the release of special including overseas voting results on 7 October, Labour gained an extra seat, raising its presence in a parliament to 46 seats. Ardern welcomed the results and remarked that they would give Labour an advantage in negotiations to form the next government.