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When Woody and Forky come at a town that has the RV park, Woody spots Bo's lamp at an Antique Store and soon he and Forky enter to search for Bo. They encounter a creepy doll named Gabby Gabby and her sycophants, the Bensons, who are silent but sentient puppets. Gabby Gabby offers to take Woody and Forky to Bo but she soon reveals her true colors in trying to possess Woody's voice box and make it her own since the voice box she has is broken and no child will purchase her because of this. After noticing Bonnie and her parents entering the antique store, Woody and Forky try to escape but Forky ends up captured by one of the Bensons and Gabby Gabby later decides to ransom Forky for Woody's voice box. Also, by the time Woody escapes the shop, Bonnie's RV takes off without him or Forky. Woody makes it to a park where after realizing he left Forky back at the antique store, he runs into Bo, who has become an adventurous vagrant who helps lost toys find owners. After reuniting with Woody, she decides to help him get Forky back and they, along with Bo's companion, a miniature female cop named Giggles McDimples, take a route through a nearby carnival to get back to the antique store.