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Listen Out's inception occurred after organisers Fuzzy cancelled its other music festival, Parklife to replace it with a new festival that had an emphasis on 'intelligent strains of dance music'. Listen Out's inaugural tour occurred in 2013, and has been a yearly event since. It consists of three stages, two of which (Atari and 909’s) have identical artist lineups. The Atari stage is the festivals main stage and features the headliners of the festival. The 2013 and 2014 tour allocated only electronic music acts to perform on the Atari stage, with Indie and Hip-hop acts taking place on the 909 stage. In 2015 onward, these roles were changed as Hip-Hop acts now exclusively occurred on the Atari stage and the 909 stage became exclusively electronic music. Unlike these stages, Third base stage is used to showcase local upcoming talent from each state, with different lineups for each leg of the show. In more recent iterations of the event, these lineups now contain acts that tour with the festival over multiple events, however minor tweaks are made to each state's lineup to continue showcasing local talent for each state. From 2013 to 2015 the festival’s third stage was sponsored by Red bull titled the ‘crate digger stage’. In 2016 after Fuzzy lost its sponsorship from Red Bull for the event, the stage was sponsored by Universal Store and re-branded the "Young Bloods" stage . In 2017 Fuzzy formerly changed the stage’s name to “3rd Base” without the support of any sponsor.