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Connolly and his older sister, Florence (named for their maternal grandmother, and eighteen months his senior), were cared for by two aunts, Margaret and Mona Connolly, his father's sisters, in their cramped tenement in Stewartville Street, Partick. "My aunts constantly told me I was stupid, which still affects me today pretty badly. It's just a belief that I'm not quite as good as anyone else. It gets worse as you get older. I'm a happy man now but I still have the scars of that. " Regarding his sister, Connolly has called her his "great defender". "To this day, he explained in 2009, "Guys say, 'God, your sister. . . We didn't dare beat you up – your sister was a nightmare'. She used to get after them. " In the mid-1960s, Flo was on holiday in Dunoon with her husband and two children. "My mother said, 'I saw Florence walking along, and I followed her. '" "I said, 'Did you speak to her?' 'Oh, no, I didn't,' she said. I thought, 'Oh, my god. It's like being a ghost while you're still alive. ' Walking behind your own child. Having a look. I couldn't bear that. "