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American historian of religion Jason Josesphson-Storm has challenged mainstream sociological and historical interpretations of the ideas of both disenchantment and reenchantment, labeling disenchantment as a "myth. " Josephson-Storm argues that there has not been a decline in belief in magic or mysticism in Western Europe or the United States, even after adjusting for religious belief, education, and class. Josephson-Storm has further argued that many influential theorists of disenchantment, including Weber and some members of the Frankfurt School, were not only aware of modern European magical and occult movements but consciously engaged with them. Foundational theorists of disenchantment such as Weber and James George Frazer did not envision a rigid binary between rationality or rationalization and magical thinking and did not describe a process of "reenchantment" to reverse or compensate for disenchantment. According to Josephson-Storm, this information necessitates a re-interpretation of Weber's idea of disenchantment as referring more to the sequestering and professionalization of magic.