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Angry about being rejected by Veronica, Kurt spreads a rumor that he and Ram received oral sex from Veronica simultaneously, severely damaging her image at school. J. D. persuades Veronica to lure the jocks into the woods by promising to engage in a threesome with them, then shoot them with non-fatal Ich lüge ("I lie") bullets. When the jocks arrive in the woods, J. D. shoots and kills Ram but Veronica misses Kurt, who flees. Veronica suspects the bullets are real when she is unable to rouse Ram, but when J. D. chases Kurt toward her, she panics and fatally shoots him. Two police officers smoking marijuana in an enclosed car hear the shots and find the bodies; Veronica and J. D. barely escape by fleeing and faking sex in their car when one of the officers appears. J. D. plants items such as a Joan Crawford postcard, a gay pornographic magazine, and mineral water near the boys, along with a forged note stating the two are lovers involved in a suicide pact. While the suicide ruse works, J. D. 's plan to humiliate Kurt and Ram backfires when the boys are eulogized as martyrs against homophobia at their funeral.