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Later, she was selected to take the lead in the fantasy film, Amazon High, alongside Karl Urban. Blair starred as a present-day orphaned high school student who accidentally travels back in time to the mythical days of the Amazons. Amazon High, which also was proposed as a third show set in the Hercules and Xena mythological genre, never has been aired. Later, portions of the pilot were adapted and edited into the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Lifeblood" in 2000. In the same year, Blair was cast as Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek, but was later replaced by Katie Holmes. Soon afterward, she auditioned for the title role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but Sarah Michelle Gellar was chosen instead. Blair starred opposite Suzanne Somers in the family drama No Laughing Matter as a pregnant teenager. She subsequently appeared in several independent and short productions, including Debutante, opposite Josh Hartnett. The short drama was shot in NYC and won multiple awards after its premiere in September 1998.