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In the Eastern Jin dynasty, the Xie were among the cluster of noble clans who fled to the south in the wake of the fall of Chang'an, dominating the court thereafter. History Development The Origin Ancestor of XIE Clan The legend has it that it derived from Yellow Emperor Tribe: almost vanished in “XIA, SHANG, ZHOU” Dynasty. The legend has it that it derived from REN Clan in XIE State, descendant of Yellow Emperor, It takes the State name as Clan. Its land were manor of Shen Bo until Zhou Dynasty got perished, the descendant of Shen Bo took the State name as Clan. Derived from Yan Emperor Tribe: the Ancestor Shen Bo is generally acknowledged by contemporary XIE Clan. Derived from Jiang Clan, came from the inherited manor XIE for the descendant of Yan Emperor and Shen Bo, it takes the State name as Clan. The royal descendant of State Shen who takes the place name as Clan, called XIE Clan, it’s so-called Henan XIE Clan, known as XIE Clan Orthodox in history. Most of the contemporary XIE Clan people respects Shen Bo as the first ancestor. Changed into ZHILE Clan.