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Raiden sends Jax and Jacqui to get the crown of souls from Shang Tsung's Island, but the pair are thwarted by Cetrion and present-day Jax. Hasashi is tasked with getting Kharon, the person who sends the unfortunate souls to the Netherrealm, to join their side so they can defeat Kronika. Hasashi fights his younger self, and persuades him to join his side. Right after the younger version agrees, D'Vorah poisons Hanzo. As he is dying, he tells Scorpion to get Kharon. Scorpion returns to the Fire Garden and is attacked by Raiden, due to Raiden's mistrust of the former after Scorpion betrayed Raiden after killing the original Sub-Zero years earlier. Raiden resorts to using Shinnok's amulet, resulting in Shinnok's influence beginning to corrupt Raiden once again, and Raiden engages in battle against Liu Kang. After Liu Kang repeats exactly the same words from the battle where Raiden accidentally killed Liu Kang in the past, Raiden comes to his senses after realizing that his battles with Liu Kang in different timelines were a part of Kronika's machinations. Anticipating Raiden's realization, Kronika explains that her pitting Raiden against Liu Kang was due to their combined powers threatening her plans, and subsequently kidnaps Liu Kang. With Kharon recruited, Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Cassie, Jacqui, Kitana, Sheeva, Jade, and Baraka lead a joint Earthrealm/Outworld task force to assault Kronika's keep. Geras is dropped in the bottomless sea of blood, Frost is defeated and shut down, disabling the Cyber Lin-Kuei, and the older Jax defects to the heroes' side.