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In 1997 the club unveiled its new merger emblem it would consist of the iconic golden Fitzroy Lion on a badge (which was the style in the AFL at the time) of Maroon and Blue. The club used this from 1997 to the end of 2001 after their first premiership. In 2002 the club would unveil a new emblem in the shape of a football with the words "Brisbane Lions" in the middle with the golden Lion placed inside the O of Lion. The club continued the use of this emblem until the 2010 season when they changed the entire emblem dropping the golden Lion and replaced it with a cartoonish style Lions head. The club also removed the golden Lion from the team guernseys and introduced the new emblem on the body of the original Lion. The change was met with much backlash as many supporters dubbed the new emblem the "Paddle Pop Lion" after the popular ice cream of the same name. In 2014 after overwhelming response from the supporters the club dropped the new emblem from their guernseys and reintroduced the classic golden Lion which they wore from 1997 until 2010. Though the club has kept the current emblem for all club related advertising and marketing.