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On 27 October 2010 police also arrested Medich, and charged him with soliciting to murder McGurk. Police alleged that Medich was the mastermind of the murder plot. Police arrested Medich at his solicitor's office and it was reported that Gattellari agreed to give evidence against Medich in defence of his own conspiracy charges. It was also reported that Safetli was prepared to give evidence against Medich. Despite Medich offering to put up $1 million in surety and his younger brother Roy Medich offering $500,000 in cash, bail was refused. A few days later, Medich was charged with murder of Michael McGurk. Much media attention was made of Medich's fall from grace, as he spent a little under two months in solitary confinement whilst in custody, before being released on conditional bail. In a 2013 committal hearing, Medich pleaded not guilty to the murder of McGurk, and pleaded not guilty to a charge of intimidation in relation to McGurk's wife, Kim. A trial date of August 2014 was set, before Justice Megan Latham.