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The game's universe takes place within an alternative timeline, stemming from an alternative version of World War II in which the Final Solution occurred much earlier, but with catastrophic consequences for both Nazis and Jews. As a result Germany establishes a second German Empire that successfully invades and occupies Great Britain, gaining control over the British Empire, while continuing its war across Europe. During the country's occupation, Britain is contaminated as the result of a chemical-warfare experiment gone wrong, forcing the inhabitants of the fictional island city of Wellington Wells to do something terrible in order to survive. Although this succeeds, it subsequently fills the inhabitants with immense anguish and guilt over their actions, leading to the invention of a new hallucinogenic drug called "Joy" - a drug that suppresses all unhappy memories, leaving its user to exhibit immense joy and happiness, but subjects them to decreased recognition of moral and long-term consequences, and leaves them easily manipulable.