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The Perfection

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Lizzie travels to Minneapolis to confront Charlotte in her home, having broken in, and overpowers her with a taser before returning to Bachoff with Charlotte bound in the trunk of her car. When Charlotte awakens, she is confronted by Anton, and reveals why she orchestrated Lizzie's dismemberment: the plot was spurred by Charlotte seeing a photo of Lizzie in a magazine with an eighth-note tattoo, a symbol for those indoctrinated into an elite group of students whom Anton and his peers sexually abuse as part of a sex cult. Charlotte also bears the tattoo, having experienced years of rape and torture at the hands of Anton for failing to achieve musical "Perfection", and planned Lizzie's amputation to save her from Bachoff, knowing that if she could no longer play cello, Anton would have no use for Lizzie and discard her. Enraged, Anton brings Charlotte to the Chapel, where she is to perform for him, Paloma, Lizzie, Theis, Geoffrey, and an unwitting Zhang Li. She is seen sitting on the stage, chained by her ankles underneath a red dress, wearing red lipstick with her hair styled fancily. Anton states to Charlotte that if she plays a complicated piece without error, she will be free to leave. If she makes an error, Zhang Li will "pay the price" (presumably sexual abuse like what was inflicted on Charlotte).