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Prior to the Etika branding, Amofah was active in modeling and rapping, having released an independently produced mixtape titled "Written In Ice" in 2007, under his pseudonym, "Iceman". He started modelling in 2011 and continued until 2015. Amofah stated in a tweet that the name Etika came from the 2003 video game Sonic Battle, of which he was a fan of in his youth. In the game, players could input a cheat code titled "EkiTa" into the game. When Amofah was 12, he simply switched the T's place with the K's as he "liked that result better. " He started using YouTube to broadcast his gaming and reaction streams in 2012 under his original username "EWNetwork" (pronounced "Etika World Network"). It was originally planned for the channel's content to be produced collaborarively by a variety of users including Amofah himself, but those plans never materialized. Prior to the closure of his main channel on YouTube in 2018, he had more than 800,000 followers between his YouTube and Twitch. tv channels, and within months after creating a second YouTube channel, known as "EtikaFRFX", he had gained more than 130,000 subscribers. Amofah's content was typically described as Nintendo-focused. He frequently streamed reactions, often over the top, to Nintendo Direct presentations, which usually involved him screaming and falling out of his chair in elated shock. He dubbed his fans the "Joy-Con Boyz", after the Nintendo Switch controller known as the Joy-Con. In November 2016, two videos of Amofah's where he purported to have a Nintendo Switch console before its 2017 release were scrutinized by fans; the model he was using was 3D-printed by fellow YouTuber "Sandqvist" at Amofah's request.