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Till was born in Liverpool, England. He began training in Muay Thai at the age of 12 and turned professional at the age of 15. Till made the decision to train in MMA under Team Kaobon at the age of 17. Till was involved in a fight at a party in August 2012 and was stabbed twice in the back, after confronting a large group of men. It was a near death experience as the knife cut deep into his body, missing his main artery by a millimetre. After the incident his coach Colin Heron at the time advised him to go to Brazil to train with Kaobons previous Luta Livre coach Marcelo Brigadiero, as living in Liverpool caused too much distraction in his life. Team Kaobon rallied round and raised the funds and packed him off. He moved to Brazil to pursue his MMA career and to teach Muay Thai. Darren's initial plan was for him to stay in Brazil for just six months, Coach Colin Heron's thought was very much different, he intended on Darren staying in Brazil for as long as possible. Keeping him away from Liverpool's distractions. Till ended up staying for three and a half years.