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The priest enters in procession into the nave with altar servers, and with a deacon if there is one. The deacon may carry the Evangelion (Gospel book), which he will place on the altar; and one altar server, called the crucifer, carries a processional cross at the front of the procession. Other servers may carry blessed candles, incense and a thurible. During this procession, ordinarily, the entrance chant or hymn is sung. If there is no singing at the entrance, the entrance antiphon is recited either by some or all of the faithful or by a lector; otherwise it is said by the priest himself. When the procession arrives at the sanctuary, all bow toward the altar. The priest and other ordained ministers kiss the altar. Then, when the priest arrives at his chair, he leads the assembly in making the Sign of the Cross, saying: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit," to which the faithful answer: "Amen. " Then the priest "signifies the presence of the Lord to the community gathered there by means of the Greeting. By this Greeting and the response of the faithful, the mystery of the Church gathered together is made manifest. " The greetings are derived from the Pauline epistles.