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The next day, Ginger finds Rocky has fled, leaving behind part of a poster that shows him to be a stunt rooster, shot out of a cannon from a circus and unable to fly himself, depressing Ginger and the others. Fowler the rooster tries to cheer them by telling stories of the RAF, leading Ginger the idea of creating a plane to flee from the farm. The chickens assemble parts for the plane as Mrs. Tweedy insists Mr. Tweedy gather all the chickens to put into the machine, but when he comes in, the chickens attack Mr. Tweedy and gag him up as they finish the plane. Rocky returns and joins them, but whilst taking off, Mrs. Tweedy chases them and climbs up a strand while Ginger races to sever it, managing to cut the strand, sending Mrs. Tweedy into the pie machine and getting stuck, which causes it to explode, while Mr. Tweedy tells his wife he told her the chickens are organised. Mrs. Tweedy growls in rage before the barn door falls on her (it is unknown that if she's survived). The chickens continue their flight to freedom, and find an island where they enjoy their freedom, and Ginger and Rocky start a relationship.