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Somers had emerged as a breakout character in the show. In 1978, she appeared on 50 magazine covers. Also, best-selling Chrissy Snow posters were produced and ABC even launched a doll which portrayed Somers as Chrissy. Somers was promoted as a rival to Farrah Fawcett by her manager, Jay Bernstein, who also managed Fawcett and other actresses of the day, such as Cheryl Ladd. After marrying former game show host Alan Hamel (whom Somers met for the first time while modeling prizes on a game show he hosted), Somers made him her manager. Somers was eventually axed from the series in the fifth season after a bitter and highly publicized salary dispute with the producers. On the series, her character of Chrissy was written out as having moved back home to Fresno to care for her ill mother. However, for a brief time (and to finish Somers' contract), Chrissy continued to appear briefly on the show in the episode's closing tag wherein she would call Janet or Jack from home and speak to one of them over the telephone, and more often than not Jack or Janet would fill Chrissy in on what happened on that episode. A couple episodes after Chrissy left, her cousin Cindy moved into the apartment with Jack and Janet for the remainder of the season. Upon the arrival of Terri Alden in season six; references to Chrissy vanished, only to be referred to once when the trio was being interviewed and Chrissy was mentioned as "the other girl" with whom Janet was living when she met Jack. From what is implied, especially by the time of Terri's arrival, Chrissy simply decided to stay home in Fresno and never kept in contact with her old roommates again.