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The series lore opens two millennia prior to the first game, with the demon Sparda, The Black Knight, defeating Mundus, ruler of the Demon World. Sparda manages to stop Mundus from conquering the human world by sealing numerous hellgates around the world. With a ritual requiring his own blood and the aid of a powerful priestess, he was able to seal the last portal, Temen-Ni-Gru. Sparda chose to remain in the Human World, where he established a religious sect known as 'The Order of the Sword'. Long after, he would fall in love with a beautiful, human woman named Eva, who would bear him twin boys, Dante and Vergil. The brothers, were each given half of a locket belonging to their father, consisting of a relic and a sword. Tragedy would befall the young boys time and again, starting with the murder of their mother at the hands of Mundus as part of his revenge against his nemesis, Sparda. This article will detail the plot in chronological order rather than by release of each individual game, as each installment in the Devil May Cry series takes place out of a linear sequence.