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The Elf Yourself website and advertising campaign first launched for the Christmas holiday season in early December 2006, and has returned each subsequent season. After being contracted by OfficeMax to create multiple websites for their holiday campaign, "Toy. " contracted with Evolution Bureau to create a suitable holiday-themed website and application. Evolution Bureau then developed the Elf Yourself application for use with the OfficeMax holiday marketing campaign. The original release featured only one elf, portrayed by Danielle Bárcena, and received 200 hits a second. In later releases, additional elves were added to the application and viewers could upload different images for each elf. Still later, social media applications were added, included those allowing viewers to save and/or download the films they had created through visiting the website. In 2008, OfficeMax partnered with JibJab and added a registration requirement in order to use the site. Traffic dropped to 56 million. JibJab and JibJab worked to "enhance the performance and distribution of the videos. "