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The Happy Tree Friends television series was first shown at Comic-Con 2006 and some of the episodes were shown on the website a few weeks prior to the show's television premiere, September 25, 2006 at midnight on the G4 Videogame TV network as part of its late-night block, Barbed Wire Biscuit (later renamed Midnight Spank; web episodes of Happy Tree Friends also aired on the network's animation anthology series Happy Tree Friends and Friends and G4's Late Night Peepshow). Each half-hour episode of the television series contains three seven-minute segments. 13 half-hour episodes were made, making a total of 39 seven-minute episodes. Pictures from the first six episodes can be seen on G4's website. The Canadian channel Razer aired the show in syndication as did the Citytv stations, The Comedy Network and OLN throughout Canada. The show was also broadcast on MTV in Europe and Latin America and on Animax in South Africa. It was also shown on Paramount Comedy 1 in the UK from May 11, 2007 for a short time, with occasional reruns afterward with the channel, now branded as Comedy Central UK. In Asia, the series airs on Comedy Central and FX. As of May 2019, in the US, El Rey Network has made a compilation of the Mondo Series called The Mondo Animation Hour for 1 video or 2 on each episode. A second season began development, but had to be scrapped due to the television series currently off the air and budget problems.