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The basic premise of the show focuses on Mickey Mouse and his friends operating a dinner theater club in downtown ToonTown. Considered a popular venue by the residents, the club is frequented by a host of character from Disney animated properties – every character from cartoons and films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios are featured in the episodes, with the exception of those made after 2001–2003 (such as Lilo and Stitch). Such characters mostly appear as paying guests of the club, with a few voiced in episodes depending on the scripts provided to voice actors, although a number sometimes operate as performers for the club. The animated series is more notable for including many relatively obscure and otherwise rarely used Disney characters, often with speaking parts for the very first time - for example, Li'l Bad Wolf and April, May and June, who had appeared very often in Disney comic books but never before in an animated cartoon, finally made their animated debuts on House of Mouse. The show also featured some cameos by characters created for other television cartoons and theme park attractions, but these appearances were few and far between.