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On April 1, 2002, due to low ratings, the format of Noggin was changed to reflect the network's programming strengths, shifting its target audience to preschoolers full-time and outside of Sesame Street, moving archived CTW/Sesame Workshop programming to the graveyard hours until their eventual removal on May 26, 2003. That same day, Noggin debuted a new mascot named Feetface (played by Ashleigh Ball[citation needed]), who makes games out of the show(s) coming up next in several interstitials, and has the ability to sprout feet. During the sign-on and sign-off bumpers, a song titled "Things You Can Do" sung by Feetface will be played that talks about different things a kid can do. Acknowledging at the time that there was low demand for nighttime preschool programming, Viacom launched The N in the evening/early morning half of the network's broadcast day. It targeted an older audience and carried programming that had more appeal to young teenagers than Noggin or Nickelodeon's show.