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    Posted on July 5th, 2009 No comments

    For my 30th birthday I had shortlisted three “crazy” ideas to mark this momentous occasion. I was either going to Bungee jump, sky-dive or get my first tattoo. I chickened out of the former but the latter intrigued me; after all these years was I finally going to break down and get one?

    If you’re anything like me you’ve tossed around the idea before. You’ve probably almost done it on impulse; perhaps a friend was getting one or you just saw something kickass on someone at the mall. Something always stopped me; it might have been my perception that tattoo’s are only for a certain demographic, that they’re a clear indication that someone is a bit rough. How wrong I was going to be.

    I started searching online for tattoo designs… celtic tattoo, tribal tattoo, rose tattoo, butterfly tattoo, dragon tattoo, chinese tattoo, fairy tattoo, henna tattoo, japanese tattoo and a lot more.

    I really didn’t want to find something in the book at my local tattoo artist; I knew I wanted something unique and something most certainly different than anyone I would likely come across. Something that sparked imagination or at least the gentle prod, “Hey, what’s that mean?” (or say?).

    I found plenty of photo’s online but nothing of quality I could actually print on a piece of paper and put it on me to get a rough idea what it would look like. The photos were great; inspiring me to search for different phrases, but I wanted that art with the photo that I could even pop into my draw program and change colors, erase bits; whatever.

    And then I found Tattoo Me Now; something like Netflix, Picasa, Youtube, Flickr, Yahoo Answers and all rolled into one specific to tattoo’s. I got tools for tattoo bookmarks, tattoo galleries, tattoo ratings, tattoo forums,  tattoo answers, tattoo videos, tattoo artist reviews and quite simply too many to list.

    I wish you all the best in finding your perfect tattoo - your dream tattoo and encourage you to not settle for a random photo online that your artist can roughly copy at best; get the artwork in high resolution as well!

    Get your dream tattoo in 3 easy steps

    1. Find your tattoo
    2. Print your tattoo
    3. Bring it to your favorite tattoo artist!

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