Welcome to www.bandgear.ie.

My name is Sean Treacy or some people call me John Treacy, I live in Cork City Ireland.

I am really excited  about launching www.bandgear.ie . I started to bulid www.bandgear.ie a few years ago, now  there were times I thought I had it right and then to find there were problems with the scirpt or the hosting package and so on, so I had to go back to the drawing board, it was like a show half written. I kept running into problems so it is great to get it finished and eventually get the website online and working properly and confident I have the proper hosting as well.

Even though I must say I have I’ve learned a vast amount about  hosting, website speeds, optimisiation, cache, databases and the whole backend of running a website. It is a mine field…….. !!!!!!!!!!

Just to tell you a bit about myself and a little bit of history about my life as a musician and my tech side as well.

I’m a Musician / Singer Songwriter, I have travelled quite a bit around the globe performing.  I play, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, I’ve recorded a few albums as well. This is the last one I recorded some of the tracks were recorded live.  https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/seantreacy. I owned and published a Music Magazine in Cork with few other guys called Backstage Traffic. It was a great experience, but more about that in a later post.

Like most Performers in Ireland and suppose worldwide I found it hard to work full time and make a good living.

I heard this said very early on in my music career:

As a musician / performer:  you’ll have little  money but you’ll have a great craic.

That has been the case quite often in my years of playing and I’d say most
musicians and performers could identify with that somtimes along the way to success or not.

But I have found that musicians, entertainers, performers, dj’s  are very versitile people.  I, like many others in the industry have had to turn to other jobs to pay the bills while I was having the “Great Craic”.…..

I got into computer repairs back in 1999 and I then got interest in Webdesign and  hosting and all that follows on from that. I began to realise as I got into web design that I would have to learn graphic design as well because trying to do web design without being able to do Graphic Design is a major draw back.

I advanced into potography as well, this was whole new enlinghting experience. I took most of the photographs for Backstage Traffic Music Magazine, and I even had a photo exibition at one stage in conjunction with one of my DVD  launches. I really don’t know where I got time to write, record and perform but I did.
So enough about me and more about www.bandgear.ie. I found it really hard over the years to buy the specific equipment I was looking for and to sell  secondhand equipment  at any reasonable price.

There was nowhere specific or no website just for band gear where I could  sell it, so that is where my website idea started. While running the music magazine I spoke to many bands and musicians, performers and we all had same problem with buying and selling gear.

I also realise that music shops around Ireland had their own little niche markets of various types of products. Even though most of them would have all the most popular brands of speakers and guitars but they had different products as well.

Now www.bandgear.ie, will in the coming months and years be able to get these shop onto the website advertising their shops so their different or unique products will become available to us all. www.bandgear.ie  website should be a hive of activity in a few months with great music links for all our visitors.

I am going to finish this post now but I will be posting regular updates on progress  of the website, so I hope to be seeing you again very soon.

So once again welcome to www.bandgear.ie

Regards Sean Treacy

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