SMB Many Uses

The Super Mini Booster is the Smallest Most Powerful Jumpstart Pack in its class with a 14AH high capacity.

The Super Mini Booster delivers instant cold crank power when you need it and has a fast rechargeable long life battery. It is easy to handle, lightweight and extremely compact, making it easy to store in your car, camper van, boat or jet ski.

Super Mini Booster_jump starter battery pack

Jump Start Battery Features:

Your 10 Point Super Mini Booster Check List

  1. The Super Mini Booster will start your car, boat, or camper instantly, thus eliminating the need for a service call
  2. The 1200 Amps of power will start your battery instantly
  3. Only one Super Mini Booster needed with no assistance neccesary from another vehicle
  4. With this product there is no need to worry if you are in a cramped space or in an unreachable position (garage, boat dock, camp site)
  5. When the Super Mini Booster is low on charge a red LED light will come on in the control panel reminding you to charge the Super Mini Booster
  6. The green LED light on the control panel will come on when it is fully charged
  7. There is no memory effect for the rechargeable Super Mini Booster so you cannot over charge or under charge the Booster
  8. The Super Mini Booster has two bright LED lights so you can see at night while you are trying to start your car, boat, or camper
  9. If you push the LED light button twice the bright LED lights will flash so it can be used as an emergency rescue signal
  10. The power outlet connection can provide 12V to power accessories such as your laptop, radio, fan, cell phone and so much more

Super Mini Booster from River To Reef on Vimeo.

Super Mini Booster is a 12volt jump start battery pack suitable for all vehicle use including marine applications. Visit for more information or to purchase.