Posted on September 19, 2009
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The Seven Biggest Mistakes ALL Podcasters Make That Cost Them A FORTUNE!

Posted on September 18, 2009
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Most of you reading this are already doing some form of internet broadcast and are trying to find the answers to making great money on line. Many that read this are already considering quitting. Don’t give up! You have found the answer. Read on…

One of the issues that many people deal with when doing a talk show on line is the fact that they fail to plan. You know the old saying; if you fail to plan you plan to fail. This is very true, especially for people like us that have a passion for communicating.

The first big mistake is that you do not take the time to format your show. When we format our show we use what is called a clock wheel. A clock wheel shows what will be happening at every second of the show. If you do not lay out your show second by second you will in essence be winging it. I can tell when someone has not formatted their show because they stumble at times and do not know what to do next. If you want to be taken seriously by people that will pay you and sponsor you, you have to use a format.


One of the things that I have done for people is an assessment of their show. This option is available to you for free too by the way. One show in particular that I had to critique had no format and was simply a train wreck from beginning to end. It had callers talking all over the host, the host had no control of the show, and I noticed many people just clicking out of the show. Not having a format means not having control. With a format and clock wheel we can guarantee a top quality show.

The second thing that is costing podcasters a fortune is not having preplanned show. I plan my show out weeks even months in advance. I have worked with show hosts that just say, “I know my material and don’t need to preplan”. Those same people are out of business today. Planning a show is as simple as coming up with a headline. In your planning just right down 10 headlines about your topic. Then for each headline right down 5-15 questions that you will answer during your show. It is that simple! You will then have 10 weeks worth of shows that you can do.

Working with the many talk show hosts that I have, I noticed that many of them just try to plan as they go. Many of them do not even know what they will be doing a show on until just the day before. This causes stress and you can definitely hear it in the presentation. Preplanning in advance reduces your stress and builds confidence into what you are doing. You do not want to be trying to do research and make show notes all the way up until show time.

The third mistake is not selecting the equipment that will make you sound like the pro you are. Many people are using cheap mics and God forbid, even a telephone to do a “TALK SHOW”! If you are serious about what you are doing, you will invest the time and resources into your show that it needs to have. Using professional audio gear is not that expensive and is very easy to use with your computer. It does not matter whether you are using a MAC or a PC. A condenser microphone, a mixer, and pro audio software will make you sound better than most people online. Why? Because most podcasters do not invest in what will make them sound professional. This is why almost all of the podcasts that I hear sound like crap.

If you are committed to broadcast excellence you will make the investment in your show. This one thing alone will put you in a completely new league. For example, no matter what your favorite music is, would you rather here it on AM or FM? We all know the answer is FM right? Well, just apply that to your listeners. Would they be more likely to listen and stay loyal to a show that sounds good because of the pro audio gear used or not. If they had a choice to listen to your show in great quality or with you sounding like most other podcasts, which would they prefer? If you want to increase your listeners, increase your quality with pro audio gear.

Mistake number 4 is not using social media properly. You must have at a minimum a facebook account and a twitter account. You do not use these mediums to spam people about your show. You use them to give out free information. When people read it they will want to know more and then go to your site that is attached to your profile. Learning social media from someone like The Social Entrepreneur at www.sugarfreecoaching.com will greatly enhance your social networking skills.

Many podcasters have driven away their audience because they send out to many emails and show reminders. You want to on a regular basis let people know what time you are on live if you and how they can hear your podcast. You can do this gently using social media. In my free weekly training class and in my one on one coaching, I show podcasters how to first… listen to what’s being said about them and their show and I show you how to set up these simple, yet reliable listening posts throughout the entire social media spectrum. In 5 minutes, you can have listening posts set up for twitter, Facebook, YouTube and 40 other sites.


The Fifth mistake that I see is not being authentic. If you try and do a talk show like one of your favorite personalities on TV or RADIO you will BOMB! You can only be you. I call it “Doing You”. When you do you, you will be your best. Why? Because no one else can “Do You”! Your personality and charm will attract you ideal listener. With your topic and niche audience, your personality will be the thing that attracts your “IDEAL LISTENER”. Don’t change a thing about your personality! “DO YOU”.

The sixth thing that keeps you from making money is not having a spot on professional introduction and exit to your show. As a voiceover artist myself I realize just how key it is to have someone else introduce you and build the excitement for your show. One of the things we do at Studio 3 Productions is create amazing audio for talk show hosts all over the world (www.earlhallvo.com). If you have commercials or psa’s in your show they should be produced professionally as well.

OK. We are at mistake number 7! Not having a coach to show you the path is the biggest mistake you can make. If you have not used a coach you will understand why you are where you are. Let’s just be honest. If you knew how to make money at this, you would be doing it already. There are proven systems and processes that work in this industry that will make you more money than you have ever made. If you really want to do this internet broadcasting and podcasting thing, I can show you exactly how to do it the right way. You have the talent, but are you committed to your success. I have found that there is a difference in being just interested in your success and truly committed. If you are just interested in your success, you will do only what is convenient. If you are committed to your success, you will do whatever it takes to be successful. Which one are you?

I am developing an online course for people just like you. I would love you input on this. Thousands of people all over the world are just like you and want to make it as a podcaster online. Let me know what your biggest challenges are and I will make sure that you get the answers you need. What is your next step?
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