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Why is it useful for the baby to draw? Let’s try to figure it out!

Have you noticed with what interest your little one picks up any writing object and starts to lead them on paper, and not only. In the course are books, walls, floor. Often, after drawing, you can find a painted table. The trace of a pencil, pen or felt-tip pen left by the baby causes him indescribable delight. The prospect of painted walls and things often scares parents. But do not rush to take the sources of creation from the young artist. Just organize his activities correctly.

Do not forget how great the benefits of drawing for children are. The sooner the child is involved in drawing, the faster he learns the world around him. The kid learns to take and hold a pencil, to act purposefully with it. Thanks to this, fine motor skills of the hands develop very well. Psychologists say that the better the fine motor skills of the hands are developed, the smarter and smart the child is, the better and faster his speech will develop.

In addition, drawing stimulates the development of all mental processes: attention, memory, imagination. Through drawing, the baby expresses itself, he expresses his emotions and feelings in the drawing, this contributes to the development of personality.

In the process of drawing, thinking and speech develop. The child explains that he painted how, why.

The creative abilities of the child develop, because by creating a drawing, the baby each time creates his own world, and this is extremely important for him.


Drawing even contributes to the development of mathematical abilities, because when drawing, the kid learns to analyze, compare, navigate on the plane (up-down, left-right), evaluate distance (closer-further), value (more-less, high – low).