Features To Make Your Food Ordering App Popular

Features To Make Your Food Ordering App Popular

In the year 2022 customers are becoming tech-savvy and fast that is why your food delivery software for the customer should be fast nowadays. Food Ordering App for customers helps to provide better service and should be easy to operate from anywhere and at any time.

Through the food ordering app, customers should be able to easily search for their desired food and restaurants without any hassle. With customers’ mindsets being very fickle these days it is very important that we offer the best of the breed features to customers for them to continue giving their business to us.

Let us look at some of the most basic and must-have features your Food Delivery Software should have:-

  1. Registration and Profile Creation: This is the first method through which the customer is able to browse more about the application. For registering a large number of customers, the registration page should be simple and understandable.

The registration page should contain only the actual section and ask an essential question so that the customer can complete his registration in less time. Also, there should be an option to register through social media as well.

  1. Reviewing restaurant profiles: In general, we all visit the review page of the application to know about the feedback of the previous customer, who had previously ordered food. So, this is one of the important features of any application and should be added to the app and this is also the most used feature by the customers not only in food ordering but in any type of online ordering.
  2. Food Searching: After the registration is complete, the customer will move to the Food Search section. So, the food search section should be simple and all the lists with the restaurant name, location, restaurant type, menu, and so on should be there so that customers can order their desired food from the desired restaurant. Deliveroo does this very nicely and you can check this out in Deliveroo clone businesses
  3. Adding food to cart and scheduling order: Sometimes there may be a situation that as a customer we are searching for any food but we cannot order at that particular time, so if cart If there will be an option then we can easily save many dine there and order them in one go as per our availability. Also this process needs to be as simple as possible try to avoid multiple clicks and allow customers to add to cart and preschedule in one click or atleast as less number of clicks as possible.
  4. 5. Ease of Payment: The payment option is one of the important features of every online delivery application. Therefore, as a business owner, we should strive to develop a simple and easy-to-understand, and secure payment section. You can add multiple payment gateways for hassle-free payments. You should offer some gift vouchers, promo codes, discounts, etc. to make your customer happy. These days everyone has UPI payments and this has made online payments very very simple.
  5. 6. Providing Contact Information of Delivery Person: After placing an order, the customer surely wants any details like restaurant contact number, the contact information of the delivery person so that the customer can easily get updates on his ordered item. This is one of the ways by which you can better serve your customer.
  6. Real-time Tracking: This feature allows customers to make accurate estimates through Google Maps without having to contact the delivery person. This is really a hassle-free feature of any online application. This feature was considered advanced technology a couple of years back but has become must have in every app nowadays as its become very easy to integrate google maps
  7. Reviewing Order History: Sometimes as a customer, we want to see our past orders and we want to place the same order again. So, if you provide this order history feature then your customer will like to visit your application more. Also here you should provide one click reordering process as this makes it easier for customer to place order again and definitely increase your sales.
  8. Food Rating: This feature includes more glimpses on your application. This is a real feature of the online ordering app so that customers can share their thoughts about your app. As a business owner, you surely want to know how your app is working? Are your customers satisfied or not? If any modification required? So that, you can modify your app as per the requirement of the customer.

Conclusion: The above listed features are the most basic features that every online ordering app should have.  If you already don’t have them in your food delivery app then it is high time you add them now. If you are looking to start a food delivery business or adding features to your current food delivery app then then do check out e-delivery app’s – online food delivery software

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