How To Clean A Beauty Blender?

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Learning how to clean a beauty blender is actually fairly easy. The main thing you are going to have to do is simply turn the blender off, remove the container that the soap is stored in, and then remove the soap itself from the blender. The problem with cleaning a beauty blender is that sometimes the little pad you find on the blender is sticky and kind of sticks to the sides.

This can cause some issues when trying to clean it as it will be almost impossible to get all of the soap off. The best thing to do is to make sure that you get your large bristles of the toothbrush and just scrub it into the metal of the blender.

One of the biggest problems with how to clean a beauty blender is that the little black handle that is on it can collect a lot of dust and hair flakes. The best way to clean this part off is to take some air dry baking soda and simply wet down the sponge with it. Once the baking soda has soaked the sponge, you should take a q-tip or some toothbrush and press the toothbrush head against the baking soda.

This should remove a lot of the dust that is stuck on the handle of the blender. Then you can simply wipe it off with a slightly damp sponge. You might notice that the little white lever that control the mixing bowl comes right off the appliance.

The best way to clean this part off is to simply run some hot water through it and then flush it down with running water. This will sanitize the mixer. You can also run some hot, soapy water through it again to make sure that all of the sanitizing agents have been removed. Once the sanitizing agents have been removed, you can then use a separate bowl to pour or mix in your homemade soaps or other liquid soaps.

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