The Best Christmas PC Games 2021

The best Christmas PC games 2021

Christmas PC games are for those who like to spend a lot of time on the PC to play some video-game title. Do you want to give a gift to a fan of PC games? In this guide, I’ll show you the best Christmas games for PC that you can buy on Amazon or alternatively on Steam (or similar platforms like Origin).

In order to make the most of the new PC games it is absolutely necessary that the clients for the most popular gaming platforms, such as Steam and Origin, are present on the PC. Before seeing the games on offer for Christmas, I therefore recommend that you download the following programs.

Once these two clients are installed, register on both (it’s free), then proceed with reading the guide.

Battlefield 1: Revolution

If you are looking for a war-themed first-person game (WW1 to be precise) with a spectacular storyline, you can only go for Battlefield 1: Revolution. The sound and graphics sector is excellent, as is the gameplay, without forgetting the online multiplayer.

Call of Duty: WWII

Another first-person shooter to absolutely try, with a well-articulated plot on the events of the Second World War. Both graphics and gameplay are good, but online is definitely the strong point of Call of Duty games.

Are you looking for a casual but extremely fun game to play, even online? Rocket League is one of the more pleasant surprises that you need to give at least a chance. In the game we will drive cars whose purpose is to score in the opponent’s goal as in the game of football, in a truly spectacular team game.

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Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata is a fun adventure game that mixes together the Dark style with the post-apocalyptic style, for unique atmospheres and truly spectacular battles to Play Free Squid games online.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a management simulation game in which you have to build your city from scratch, complete with infrastructure, services, traffic and parameters to be respected to make your city flourish at its best.

Race trim

If you love car racing games, you can’t miss Assetto Corsa. Scream graphics (close to photorealism), faithful simulation for every type of vehicle (especially if played with steering wheel and pedals) and a fleet of many dream supercars, ready to be taken to the track both offline and online.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Are you looking for a challenging fighting game to play online and maybe you are also a Dragon Ball fan? Then this game is for you! Graphics in line with the cartoon, an innovative storyline based on time travel and possible alternate stories of the Dragon Ball universe and a competitive online game where you can challenge friends and opponents from all over the world.


The most beautiful football game is certainly FIFA, thanks to renewed graphics, official licenses for a large number of national, European and world competitions plus The Journey mode where you can experience the adventures of a budding footballer in the professional world, ready to decide his future.

Football Manager 2021

If you like to manage a team by choosing schemes, moves and players to send on the pitch like a real “English” manager, you can buy Football Manager 2021, the best management game currently available on the market. Manage every aspect of your favorite team, including finances and new signings but also other very important aspects such as merchandising and stadium expansion to Play Squid Games online free.

Star Wars Battlefront II

If you are a fan of Star Wars, you cannot miss the new Battlefront, especially for playing online! With this title you will be able to choose which class to belong to with all the pros and cons, grow the character and the chosen weapons and play online against many other opponents in very characteristic game scenarios.