Top 5 High Altitude Lake Treks in India

Top 5 High Altitude Lake Treks in India
Top 5 High Altitude Lake Treks in India

1) Bhrigu Lake Trek, Himachal

Bhrigu Lake situated in the upper Kullu valley at an elevation of 14,000 ft is a glacial lake. Bhrigu offers a perfect weekend worth of trip to the Lake with its comparatively easy access to the high-altitude lake  .

Apart from the lake, one can do this trek for its extravaganza beauty of grassland which is one of the prettiest in Himachal Pradesh. Trek through the fascinating views of meadows that appear right from the start of your trail. Along your way you will come across the sightings of snow draped mountains and lush green forests.

The blue clear skies in contrast to the green alpine meadows looks something out of a canvas view. You can clearly see the Himalayan ranges of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal high up with the clouds.

Trek Distance: 25 Km

Trek Altitude: 14,000 ft

Best Months to Visit: May-June and September-October

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

2) Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

The Roopkund trek is widely famous for human skeletons found at the bottom of the Roopkund Lake. This high-altitude lake at an elevation of 16,499 ft in the Chamoli district has attracted many history buffs and adventure seekers because of its mysterious nature. Apart from this, Roopkund trail offers breathtaking views of lush forests and wild flora. You will traverse through dense forests of oak and pine trees, some of the beautiful alpine meadows and snow carpeted fields.

Acclimatization can be a challenge because of its altitude gain on the trail and hence it is considered one of the challenging treks in the world. One of the highlight of the trek includes spotting several mountain peaks like Mt. Trishul, Mt. Nanda Ghunti and others. 

Trek Distance: 53 km

Trek Altitude: 16,000 ft

Best Month to Visit: August to October

Level of Difficulty: Difficult

3) Chandratal Lake Trek, Himachal

Chandratal Lake with its literal meaning ‘Moon Lake’ is a crescent shaped lake in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This trek makes its ascent from Batal and it is approximately 14 km away from the Lake. This Lake in Spiti valley originates from Chander river at an altitude of 14100 ft is of prettiest shades of blue.

 The trekking trail is dotted with peaks of Lahaul Range like Talagiri, Minar and others. One unique characteristic of the Chandratal lake is the changing colour of the lake as the day progresses. It takes on colours from reddish orange to beautiful blue and emerald. The camping along the Lake of Chandratal is an absolute delight for the trekkers.

Trek Distance: 14 Km

Trek Altitude: 14,100 ft

Best Month to Visit: June to September

Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are planning to do Chandratal lake trek then, you can also visit the amazing Hampta pass trek with Chandratal. Hampta pass trek will double your enjoyment and make this trip memorable for years.

4) Great Lakes Trek, Kashmir

Kashmir is known as Paradise on Earth with its charming and serene Landscapes that will surely replenish your soul. The journey to the Great Lakes trek starts from Sonamarg in Kashmir and takes you through myriads of natural beauty. This is the only trek where you can find seven alpine lakes on its trail with different shades of blue. These lakes almost look like an emerald embedded in the ground as you look at it from a distance.

The trail that spans over 8 days with a total distance of 69 km packs adventure filled high altitude passes and river valley crossing. Great Lakes trek can be done by beginners as well with its trail switching between ascent and descent. The only challenge is the long route that needs to be covered per day.

Trek Distance: 69 Km

Trek Altitude: 13,750 ft

Best Month to Visit: July to September

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

5) Kedartal Trek, Uttarakhand

Kedartal is where all the thrill seekers around the world meet to climb this trek with its rough terrain and steep ascent. This trek takes you to the crystal clear glacial lake of the Himalayas.

One interesting fact about Kedartal trek is getting to witness some of the mighty peaks of Himalayas- Jogin peak, Bhirgupanth peak and Thalay Sagar peak. There are hardly any trails that get you close to these daunting mountains and are not crowded, this is where Kedartal trek stands out. Kedartal lake near Gangotri at the foot of the magnificent Bhrigupanth and Thalay Sagar gives you a breathtaking view.

The wilderness gives you an added reason to visit Kedartal in Uttarakhand with its flora and fauna. If you are lucky enough, you can also witness rare species like Blue Sheep and the namely Himalayan Black Bear on the trail.

Bask in the blessings of Goddess Ganga on your way to the top, as it makes a stop at Gangotri Temple.

Trek Distance: 38 Km

Trek Altitude: 16,110 ft

Best Months to Visit: May, June and September, October

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

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