What is Business Manager on Facebook?

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One of the many questions that I get asked on a regular basis from small business owners is, “What is Business Manager on Facebook?” It’s a great concept that allows the small business owner to interact with potential clients and customers face to face. However, not everyone has the time or knowledge of how to set up a profile page. Here are some quick tips and tricks for setting up your own business page quickly and easily.

When setting up a Facebook Page for your company, be sure to use the correct name. Make sure your company name is the same as the company name. If it is not, someone else could end up with that page, branding your company as something they’re not. Once you have chosen the correct name, check to see if you have a trademark application or patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If so, you’ll need to apply to have your company’s page officially named with the USPTO. The easiest way to do this is to send an e-mail to the USPTO requesting your page be listed.

Be very careful about what information you put on your personal profile page. While the basic information is necessary, the personal information such as a physical address, phone number, email address and picture is not. This could result in legal troubles for the company if a person is thinking of using that information for evil purposes. Do not even post any pictures of yourself, even if you happen to be the company’s photographer.

As you start to build your network of business contacts, be careful not to use any personal names. Employers such as Google use algorithms to rank websites, and a random Facebook user who happens to have a business could end up ranking highly in search engine results. While a good idea, this could cause a problem. For example, if an employer uses a person’s name to call him or her, the actual name of the person might be used by the employer. This could lead to discrimination issues.

When creating a business manager page on Facebook, it is a good idea to keep the business and personal life separate. If a Facebook user were to find that a company’s manager had a history of cyber stalking, they would be upset. Therefore, do not include any personal information about a current employee on a company page. Another good thing to do is to have a “cover” photo when posting pictures on a personal page. However, this cover photo should not be the same one that is used on company websites.

As you create your Facebook page, be sure that it has a business logo. A company logo is important because it will help potential customers recognize your business. Also, a business manager on Facebook can easily promote a company event or service. This is great because the more people who are aware of a company, the more likely its products and services will be popular.

A great way to get customers to your company is to use Facebook as a networking tool. Post comments on other pages in your company’s niche. Be sure to use the correct keywords so that comments posted on your page will be seen by those seeking your company. Also, post links to your company website so that current employees can learn about new projects and job openings. In addition, make sure that any company news is posted to the Facebook newsfeed. This will allow current employees and former employees to keep in touch with the company without having to wait for news to be disseminated through other outlets. Learning what is business manager on Facebook is only the beginning of your online search for the best company that matches your personal interests. Because companies are constantly growing and changing their websites, social media is the next best thing to being able to contact the company directly. This will allow you to keep current employees up to date with company news, keep tabs on the latest job openings, and learn more about what it takes to be a successful business manager.

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