What Is Post Secondary Education?

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Post secondary education is a program offered at junior college or technical/trade schools that focuses on teaching students about the different aspects of trade and business. These programs are sometimes offered as associate’s degrees or bachelors degrees. Some schools also offer online courses or diplomas.

What is considered post secondary education in the United States?

There is a national forum on what is post secondary education in the United States. The forum was formed by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The CHEA has identified 14 standards that are used to evaluate post baccalaureate programs across the United States. According to the CHEA, all programs must be based on course work that is prepared, discussed and demonstrated and they should provide graduates with knowledge and skills required for the job they are seeking.

What are the requirements for post secondary education?

In order to meet the requirements for what is post secondary education in the United States you will need to meet some eligibility requirements. You will need to submit an application to a state university or community college. You will also be required to write a college-based Job Application. The Job Application will be used for posting up to five job offers on the employer’s campus, and for requesting funds from the state for your education.

What is postsecondary education for those without a high school diploma?

Students who wish to participate in postsecondary programs but who have not received a high school diploma may use their GED (General Educational Development) as a substitute. Students who plan to major in subjects other than business, like nursing or accounting, and who are completing high school courses will be considered postsecondary students. Students who have completed high school programs but who do not wish to major in these fields may opt to enroll in vocational or trade schools instead.

What is post secondary education for those with a high school diploma?

Students who do not have a high school diploma can take the GED (General Education Development) as a substitute. High school graduates should still send in their completed high school transcript and their application forms. These forms will need to be submitted to the colleges of choice along with their GED or equivalent. Some colleges require students to fax their high school transcripts to them before they can enroll.

What is post secondary education for those without a high school degree?

Community colleges offer accredited post secondary programs. Students must apply to the colleges of their choice and complete the application process. There are also a few trade or vocational colleges that offer accredited postsecondary degrees.

What is post secondary education for students who already have a four-year degree?

A student who already has a four-year degree should inquire with each of the colleges he or she is interested in attending. Each college should have their own policies regarding transferable credits and loan forgiveness. Many colleges offer job placement services for students who have completed their studies.

What is post secondary education for students who have never been called a high school student?

Postsecondary education includes vocational and trade schools. Vocational schools are called junior or community colleges and trade schools are called technical or trade schools. High schools are called elementary or middle schools.

What is post secondary education for students who are going to college as an adult?

Postsecondary education includes community colleges and trade or technical schools. Adults who want to go back to school after having lost their previous jobs can complete a two-year postsecondary program at an university or college. Students who want to pursue careers in specific fields, such as computer science or nursing, can complete four-year bachelor’s or four-year master’s degree programs at universities or colleges.

What is post secondary education for teachers?

Teachers who have obtained a bachelor’s degree are eligible to take a teaching certification test which will qualify them for entry into one of the nation’s higher education institutes. In most states, the test is conducted within the state school system, although the test can be taken outside the state system if the teacher wishes to do so. An advanced degree in teaching will enable the teacher to have more career opportunities than other teachers.

What is post secondary education for students who will not go on to attend college?

Students who are preparing for and might go to college might be worried about whether they have the appropriate high school or college qualifications. There are online or distance learning programs that can help. These programs will prepare the student for post secondary school by giving him or her the skills he or she needs to compete in college. If you are interested in these types of programs, you should research whether your state requires that you have certain educational credentials in order to apply, as some do not.

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